Thursday, January 3, 2008

About me.......

Should aperson blog about his/her private life , or should we hide what problems we have and keep it nicely hidden under lock and key ?

Pretending to live a life of a pasha or that of scrooge, be it out in the open or shut as as may be to never utter but a decent word ? duh ?

This is a first experience for me and Im all bubbly and excited as can be.

I am a recently divorced lady and mother of two lovely kids . Im half American and half Libyan as the Libyan would say!Living with my parents for the time being ,who I am desperately trying to undestand. For when one leaves the nest and comes back to it due to certain issues and with kids at that .....well its not an easy task!

My parents insist on me staying here which I do enjoy, with all the craziness around me, I must admit . But my kids cant wait to go home (states) and just hate it here sad to say !

We will have to wait and see and give this timeout ( I call ) a chance...then call it quits at the end of the day lol.

bye for now!

Hellooooo and welcome !

This is my first blog and I will do my best to post ,time permiting as I lead a very busy life lol Well what the heck dont we all ?

I have lived in many places and will share my experience about living abroad and in Tripoli, a place I have come to call home.